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Just Joined Fine Art America Now What Do I Do

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Just Joined Fine Art America Now What Do I Do

I Just Joined Fine Art America / Pixels Now What Do I Do

OK – you have some great photographs or you have been painting and have a bit of an inventory that can make you some money.
So you joined FAA and you are ready to sell your original paintings and/or prints of your photographs and/or paintings and great products featuring your images.

Great move on your part, FAA is the perfect place to do all that, but how do you get started?

You could just start posting your images and filling in the info required and hit the submit button – There, that was easy, now just wait for the sales to roll in. Right?

Not quite that easy - Although some members do just that and actually make some sales. If that is what your intent is you can stop reading and go for it.

If you are serious and want to have the best chance at success then let’s do it the right way.

1. Profile Image

Uploading a profile image is very important for your success. You can use any image you want. Some members think the wackier the image the more attention it will get. That is entirely up to you.

My feeling is post an image that will instill confidence in your potential customers. A nice portrait of yourself is a good choice (close up) not so far away that you cannot be seen.

One of your best paintings or photographs can also be a fine choice – but do pick an image and complete your Profile Image. If you do not place a profile image you will not be found on FAA/Pixels.

2. Enter Your Biography

I would suggest before you go any further you should enter your Biography. Here is where you tell your story.

Author Martin Stellar said.

Even if your story is in itself not all that unique or remarkable, you need to tell it and I'm about to explain why. This is important: Don't think for one moment that your story isn't important or remarkable enough. Your story is important. It is remarkable.

Not because of what that story is, but – and this is the crux of the whole idea – because your story makes you more human. Telling your story makes it easier for people to identify with you. You become more relatable to others when you have a story, any story (as long as it's true of course). People will be more endeared to you; people will like you more because of your story.

And that is the great importance of it all: People need to know, like and trust before they decide to buy something. Your story largely takes care of that liking part. Trust me. Even if you feel that your story isn't spectacular or doesn't matter. It's your story.

It matters. It helps people like you more; it helps build trust and engagement. Your story helps you sell your art.

Tell your story.

Just a few things that should not be in your story. Do not say things like.

“I am an amateur”. “Please buy my images, I need the money”. “I just purchased a camera and started shooting”. “Last week I bought my first canvas and found I love to paint”.

If any of these things are true – you don’t need to lie – Just don’t add them to your Biography.

3. Default Settings

Now is a great time to fill in all your markups – this is the amount of profit you get for each sale.

Go to Settings and then GENERAL click on the DEFAULT SETTINGS. Take your time and fill in all your markups. When you are finished do not forget to click the SAVE CHANGES button.

If there are items you do not wish to sell - just leave the mark-up blank - no -0 no - dash - just blank.

Now when you upload images all your markups will automatically fill with the amounts you selected in the DEFAULT SETTINGS.


That is entirely up to you – no one can tell you what to charge for your work. If you’re unsure you can search the site and see what other artist are charging for their work.

4. Create Your First Product

You’re ready to upload your first image

Make sure your presentation is impeccable. When your artwork is poorly photographed, it says you don't value it. Take a look at your photos or scans and be honest with yourself about this. Is your work treated and shown as if it has great value? Give your work the treatment and presentation it deserves.

Just above your profile image - Click Upload Image.

TITLE – Give it a short but descriptive title – “A Beautiful Scene” will not tell perceptive buyers that your image is actually a Butterfly on wildflowers in Central Park.

KEYWORDS – Very important – you can use up to 500 characters, use them all if you can. Note: they must relate to the image. Do not use words or phrases that have nothing to do with the image you are uploading.

DESCRIPTION - Just like your biography when you're uploading art into your gallery, use the "Description" field to tell the story behind the art. Google loves a good story and that can help you in searches. Tell what it is, where it is, why you painted it or photographed it.

Pick your Artwork Category and fill in your medium,

Now scroll down and adjust your image on the products you wish to sell. Taking a few moments now to adjust the images will let your potential buyers see them in the best viewpoint.

Don’t forget to hit the SUBMIT button when you are done.

Now you have your first image posted, Very little will happen until you have at least 10 images posted. 100, 200 or 1000 is even better.

Once you get started on any POD site - It is up to you to drive customers to your work. The site will advertise the general site but it is not their job to drive customers to your specific work - that is your job. Use social media, blogs, business cards, art shows, anything that will drive folks to see your work on your sales page.

5. Getting Paid

You followed all the suggestions above and you’re ready for your 1st sale but you need to do the following to get paid your markup.

Go to Settings and then Accounting open Payment Information and enter your PayPal email address. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can set one up for free by visiting

If you live in the USA before leaving Accounting open Tax Information and fill out all the information.

Remember – you won’t get paid until you complete this section.

6. Settings

Take a tour of Settings open all the links and take your time reading all the great things you can do with your new membership. There is a wealth of information at your fingertips.

If you still have questions go to the Main Discussion board and open the “Sticky” posts. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage because there is a great deal of helpful information there.

Still have questions? Post your question on the main discussion board – There are a lot of friendly and knowledgeable members ready to assist.

Note: do not post private information on the discussion board it is a public forum.

Still scratching your head about an unanswered question? Get to the bottom of any page and open the Contact Us button.

Customer Service (For Orders Only)

Technical Support is for members with technical questions about using the site.

Good Luck and Enjoy

David Dehner